Natural Life Focus: The Bathroom

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 Air Weight Bath Rug 

Throughout October, in honor of Breast Cancer Awareness Month, we'll explore ways to make the home environment as pure, healthy and toxin-free as it can be. We'd love to hear your ideas, too. Share your favorite strategies for a healthy home in the comments, below.

For some, the bath is a private pampering spa. For others it's a model of scrub-a-dub-and-out-the-door efficiency. And, for most of us, it's different things on different days. But one thing it should always be is healthy.

Here are some of the ways you can improve the environment in the place where you start and end each day.

Upgrade Your Rubdown: We always recommend organic textiles over conventional, for any use, because they're better for the environment. But since your washcloth and towels have direct contact with your skin, it's especially important that they be as pure as they can be. All of our towels are certified organic cotton, made from fibers grown without toxic chemicals and processed under strict guidelines to ensure the finished product is as kind to your skin as it is to the planet.

And, although Coyuchi uses earth-friendly, non-toxic dyes to create our colors, people with ultra-sensitive skin should consider choosing bath linens that are undyed and unbleached, like our Airweight Towels in Natural. You can always add gorgeous color to your bath with our shower curtains and accent rugs, instead.

 natural bath towels

Air Weight Towels in Natural

natural  bath towels

Air Weight Towels, Triple Diamond Rug, Sumptuous Towels, Seersucker Shower Curtain

Clean Up Your Act: For products that are supposed to get us clean, many soaps and shampoos are pretty nasty – filled with phosphates, sulfates, phthalates and other harsh chemicals. The good news is that, with the advent of online shopping, you're no longer limited to the selection at your local drug store. We love the natural soaps and scent products from Juniper Ridge (and, in fact, we've asked them to make a line just for us which is now available here), and also the bath salts, scrubs and other delights from Fig + Yarrow. But there's a whole world of organic beauty, bath and bodycare products out there, and we can't think of a more relaxing research project than finding your favorites.

Beyond choosing personal care products carefully, we advise taking a good hard look at your cleaning products, too. All that bleach and ammonia in conventional cleaning products is overkill – in most cases, non-toxic, natural solutions will do the job just as well, without harming your skin and lungs or polluting the environment. Method and Mrs Meyers are two readily available brands that get good reviews from environmental groups and consumers, alike.

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Juniper Ridge Steep Ravine Trail Soap

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Fig + Yarrow

Bring in Nature: Plants are natural air-scrubbers, and they add visual softness and warmth in a room filled with tile, metal and other cold, hard surfaces. No worries if your thumb is less than green; many plants thrive with very little tending in the moist environment of the bath. Our favorites include aloe vera, bamboo, orchids and philodendrons. Tillandsias and other airplants are a great choice, because they don't need soil, or even a pot, so you can place them virtually anywhere. Our San Francisco neighbor Flora Grubb Gardens offers a great selection of air plants plus ingenious ways to display them.

air plants on stitched felt placemats with grand lace napkins

 Air plants complete the look when paired with our Stitched Felt Place Mats, Grand Lace Napkins, and Abstract Embroidered Voile Table Runner.