How it's made: The Multi Stripe Towel

In Turkey, the bath is more than a quick daily routine. It’s an elaborate ritual of relaxation and cleansing with centuries of history. And unlike the hurried morning showers we take in our Western-world homes, it takes place socially, in a large public spaces called hamams, beneath spectacular vaulted ceilings and surrounded by intricate tilework.

Given the importance of bathing in the culture, it’s not surprising that Turkish towels have a rich history, too, along with a reputation for being the best in the world.

Our Multi Stripe Towel is hand woven in Turkey, on a traditional shuttle loom called a karatezgah. Organic cotton warp yarns are threaded through the loom and attached to harnesses controlled by foot treadles. This allows the weaver to raise and lower alternating warp threads, creating a space between them, called the shed. The shuttle, an eye-shaped spool wrapped with yarn, is thrown back and forth, over and over, drawing the weft yarns through the shed as the warp yarns are raised and lowered. Inch by inch a design emerges.

Multiple towels are cut from the wide bolt of fabric that’s created. Then each one is hemmed along the sides and finished at the ends with hand-knotted fringe. A single Coyuchi Multi Stripe Towel takes approximately an hour to make.

The result of all this time, skill and care is an organic cotton towel that’s absorbent yet artful, hardworking yet beautiful – a towel that’s worthy of centuries of bathing tradition.