Soulful: Creative Mama Cassey Zayas

Soulful: A Series Of Inspiring People shares a deeper look into the lives of creatives, activists and those with a unique point of view. Here at Coyuchi we are constantly inspired by our community, from those who champion sustainable practices to fine artists. We think it's important to take time and really dive into the passions of others, going beyond the surface to ignite connection, action and, of course, inspiration.

We recently connected with Cassey Zayas, the mother of two and influencer behind the account Eyeamsun, to produce a lifestyle shoot for us. We love her beautiful California inspired feed and thought she would be the perfect Creative to spotlight on our new journal feature Soulful: A Series Of Inspiring People. For this Mother’s Day edition we wanted to learn more about this creative mama’s inspirations, aspirations and family life.

Where do you live?

I live in Palm Springs California with my two children and husband, but due to my husband's job we go back and forth to the inland empire and to the high desert.

What is the most special thing about your home?

It's got a really cool, comfortable vibe. When you walk in, you will definitely feel right at home. We are pretty much a warm and inviting bunch.

How did the Eyeamsun instagram come about? Did you start it knowing you wanted to become an influencer?

I've had this Instagram way before I met my husband. lol I think I was in high school still and grew my following organically. Things really started to blow up big time when I had my two children. I initially had no intention on becoming an influencer. It just happened. I love Instagram but I try not to take it too seriously. There was a time where everything seemed like a competition in the "influencer" world, but I decided not to go down that path and just let it go the way it's supposed to go. It's easier that way.

Beyond Instagram, what other projects do you work on?

We sell unique treasures. We are also working on our rental out in Palm Springs, California. There's a lot going on beyond Instagram and that's what's so neat about living in Real Life. Just being there, being present. Being able to see the world right in front of your face and interact with real people!

Tell us about your family! How old are your kids? What are they into? What does your husband do?

My son, my first born is three! He'll be four this September. And he's wise beyond his years. He's into everything that will challenge him and is always ready to learn something new everyday. My daughter, my second baby, is soon to be a year and a half. She is definitely a force to be reckoned with. She is intelligent and advanced in all the stages that she's gone through and we are always in awe at what she does and says. She is queen bee around here but with the sweetest heart. I hope they never change. Strong little individuals, that's for sure. My husband is currently in the police academy. Soon to be Sheriff's deputy for the San Bernardino county. The largest county in California --the largest in the U.S.

How does being a mother play a role into your work and inspirations?

My children are my muses. Everything I do, has, at the very least, something to do with them.

What part about being a Mom were you not expecting?

I never knew I'd be able to love anyone the way I love my family. It is painfully beautiful and I honestly can't remember how I felt before having children. It truly is a beautiful feeling.

Has being a mother changed the way you think about sustainable practices? Our environment?

It has! Its definitely opened my eyes and lead me to become more conscious towards everything I do. We've backed away from fast fashion. We've opened our (closet) doors to consciously made clothing and even buy second hand items. We are definitely trying our best to do our part into saving the environment and reducing our carbon footprint.

What kind of relationship do you want your kids to have with social media?

We live in a dangerous world. Social media is not immune to the dangers of this world. I just want to raise my kids to be aware of what they do. I want them to be smart individuals and still be able to enjoy an organic life and to interact with real people.

What is the biggest lesson you want your kids will learn from you?

I want my children to be kind. I want them to harness their kindness and make a positive difference in this world. I believe they can do it.

What is the greatest Mama advice you’ve gotten?

Don't take everything too seriously. That has helped me in many ways. More than I can count.

What is your favorite thing to do as a family?

We love to go on road trips. The usual-favorite All-American past time, I guess!

When do you have your alone time? What do you like to do in that time?

Alone time is available when my mom comes in to help with the kids. She's always eager to help with anything and everything. My husband is amazing, too. He'll tell me to take those long baths while he watches the kids! Being able to pamper yourself just makes you feel great. Feeling great just makes you a better mom all around. I also love to read. I have read many books in my life. I can read anything and everything. I am definitely a book worm. To me, Reading is a form of meditation.

What are a couple new products or trends that you are currently excited about?

Everything raffia! I like a cool modern outfit (that is consciously made of course) and just throw a cool raffia purse over it, or woven raffia sandals. Really, anything raffia! Ha!

Favorite Coyuchi product? :)

My favorite Coyuchi product is your  relaxed linen bedding. I almost went for the sateen set, which I'm sure would have been amazing...but linen is my favorite material and being able to sleep on linen is like sleeping on a cloud. Particularly the Ocean Mist set. Just heaven.

Any last thoughts you’d like to share?

If I could give the world any advice, please don't take anything too seriously, but also serious enough to make a positive difference. To be kind towards each other and to this planet. We've only got one home and it's Mother Earth. Let's take care of her. Let's all try to make an effort and practice one small conscious act, one step at a time. Even one small sustainable foot print can make a huge difference.