Spring colors: inspired by nature

There is no better season than spring to seek the hues of nature. As the days get warmer and flowers start to blossom, it's the perfect time to invite a fresh, soft palette into your home that invigorates the senses and enhances your mood. That's why we launched two new colors this spring, in Crinkled Percale and Linen. We invite you to build your perfect bed, while inspiring a better mood. Explore the color theory below and shop by tone for a uniquely designed space. 

Sunset Blush: The color of love, understanding, nurturing and comfort. Shop Blush

Rolling Fog: A sophisticated tone that invites calmness and serenity into your space. Shop Gray

Vitamin Sea: This coastal hue evokes inspiration, health and healing. Shop Blue

Clean Slate: The purest of shades, white evokes simplicity and cleanliness. Shop White

Undyed: A grounding hue that inspires wholesomeness and stability. Shop Undyed

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