The Low Down On Linen

An every-season fabric, Coyuchi linen combines high performance with adaptable style in every design and every color—including our newest, Storm. Like all linen, ours draws away moisture, allowing dampness to evaporate so you stay warmer when it's cool and cooler when it's warm. It’s also naturally static-free, non-allergenic and antibacterial—plus its low-maintenance style gets even softer and more touchable with every washing. Coyuchi linen starts in the fields of Belgium and France, where flax has been cultivated for centuries. Its farming requires few—or no—fertilizers and pesticides, making it nearly organic by nature. What's more, almost every part of the plant is used, from its seeds to fibrous stalk. A chemical-free method called dew-retting frees those fibers, using less water and producing less wastewater than other techniques. Mills in Portugal weave the fabric using low-impact dyeing and finishing processes and meeting strict environmental standards. Our finished product is just as amazing as its environmentally sound source—and yours to enjoy year-round. 




Relaxed Linen Sheets

Here is all you need to know about caring for Coyuchi linen:

Wash it in cold water, on the gentle or delicate cycle. (Yes, our linen is machine-washable.) Just as we would for cotton, we recommend using a natural, plant-based laundry detergent and not using fabric softener, chlorine bleach or whiteners.

Hang it to dry or tumble dry on low, and pull it from the dryer as soon as it stops tumbling.

Enjoy the soft drape and slubby, slightly rumpled texture that makes linen naturally relaxed and welcoming.

Thank your lucky stars that you are not a 14th-century laundress.

Optional: If you'd like your linen smoother or want to neaten up the hems, feel free to use a steamer or a hot iron. Entirely up to you.

When washing linen decorative pillows, we recommend removing the insert and turning the cover inside out before machine washing (in cold, on delicate) or hand washing. Hang to dry. Press if you please.