Unwind With Linen

When it comes to strength and versatility, linen can’t be beat. It keeps you cool and fresh in warm weather and warm when temperatures drop, so it’s great for layering. We’re especially fond of its soft neutral tone, which matches just about everything in our collection. A far cry from the stiff, pressed linen of yesterday, our linen is prewashed for a relaxed, drapey hand. Like our cotton, our linen is machine washable and gets softer with every wash. And, it happens to be one of the most ecologically sound fabrics.

Linen is made from flax, which is among the oldest fiber crops in the world. Few crops are used as efficiently: the fiber of the plant is used to make linen; the seeds are eaten or used for oil. Native to the region extending from the Mediterranean to India, flax is a vigorous plant that grows with a negligible amount of fertilizers and pesticides—or none at all—making it nearly organic by nature. For that reason, there is very little certified-organic flax. We source ours from the sunny fields of France and Belgium, countries with a long tradition of farming flax according to the strong environmental standards set forth by the European Union.

Flax has been used to produce linen at least since ancient Egyptian times. Its long thin fibers are spun into linen threads that are twice as strong as cotton threads. We manufacture our linen and cotton/linen items at the same facilities in India as our organic cotton ones, using the same low-impact dyeing and finishing processes and according to the same strict standards of quality and safety.

Whether you prefer the rustic simplicity of pure linen or the harmonious blend of cotton and linen, you can feel good about bringing our linen home.