Coyuchi x Limeloop

In our commitment to making thoughtfully designed, quality goods with processes that are both friendly to people and the planet we teamed up with Limeloop to expand our sustainability efforts through our shipping methods. With the high-demand of retail shifting to e-commerce, we noticed that there is always room to grow in cutting back in waste. We know that $65B Parcel Packages are shipped worldwide annually ($165B Pieces of Mail Shipped Worldwide). It is estimated to increase 17-28% over 5 years. This has a substantial impact on the planet right now and increasingly over time.

This is where Limeloop comes in. Re-use is better than recycling which is why we chose to partner with Limeloop. They are taking shipping to a whole new exciting level, using upcycled billboard vinyls to create a heavy-duty, waterproof, and reusable shipper. A Limeloop shipper saves about 10 trees used by traditional shipping methods! The Limeloop shipper is made from durable vinyl upcycled from used billboards thus diverting waste from the landfill. The shipper fits through a standard USPS mailbox slot. It is easy to ship and return. It is also lightweight, waterproof and features a secure closure. In conjunction, we have also teamed up with Renewal Workshop to help with repairs to prolong the life of the shipper.

Zip, slip, and ship! When you receive your Limeloop shipper all you have to do is zip, slip, and ship.

How it works: Cut the security tie. Remove your Coyuchi purchase and return mailing label. Zip up the shipper, fold in half and close snap buttons. Slip, don’t forget to replace the outer mailing label with the return label. Once complete it is ready to ship back to us.