The Spirit of Lagom | An Artful Way To Create Balance

Coyuchi’s commitment to balanced, organic living has found a kindred spirit in lagom, the Swedish art of living which translates to "just the right amount". In essence, it embodies the yin and yang most people seek to establish true balance in all aspects of their lives. Achieving lagom starts with asking yourself one simple question: "Is this enough?". This basic query can transform parts of your life in ways you've never imagined. When you find balance in your life a lightness takes hold and brings you joy, peace, simplicity, and gratitude in all areas.

Our latest Spring collection embodies this idea of "not too much, not too little, just enough." Just enough texture, just enough pattern, and just enough color to bring lagom to life through the art of organic textiles - and it’s all made with our enduring commitment to sustainability, comfort, and design in mind.

Live your lagom with our new Anza Duvet. A heathered blend of organic linen and organic cotton is woven into a casual, well-balanced patchwork inspired by the tradition of Japanese boro textiles. A versatile palette and pattern pair with soft backing in organic cotton percale for a lightweight duvet that’s cozy enough on its own to skip the top sheet.

Live your lagom with our new Ojai Towels. Space-dyed organic cotton fibers build a uniquely variegated pattern on each piece for a clean and cohesive appearance that adds interest without overpowering. The waffle weave creates a lightweight, highly absorbent texture that soaks up water quickly and effectively, without the bulky weight of traditional terry cloth.

Live your lagom with our new Color Block Quilt. A balanced palette of subtle, modern neutrals plays with bold proportions for a clean, organic quilt that makes any room feel lighter and brighter. Hand-quilted panels of organic cotton come together to create a relaxed sense of easy, understated elegance in a versatile, lightweight quilt for all seasons and styles.

Our love for lagom finds its home amongst balanced palettes, patterns, and proportions, filling our spring collection with notes of form and function playing in perfect harmony. Each GOTS-certified organic piece is a welcome reminder to slow down, actively appreciate, and find your best balance for a clean, organic home where you can live your happy, contented life.