In Conversion Farming + La Loma Linen Quilt

Organic farming is essential to the livelihood of our planet, but how does a farm earn that “organic” label? The lengthy process for achieving full organic certification takes a hefty 36 months, so it’s important to show our support for the farms that choose to take this bold leap - during and after their transition. Farms that have begun implementing organic practices are referred to as “in-conversion” while they work their way toward certification. The first two years of conversion require the farmer to cease application of conventional practices (synthetic fertilizers, herbicides, pesticides, etc.) and employ organic methods in their place. This conversion period allows the soil to “rest” and heal from the harmful chemicals and practices of the past.

In-conversion farms aren’t just devoting an extended period of time to this process, it also requires adherence to a strict set of guidelines, outlined in short below:

The documentation of this step-by-step process fills pages and pages, and any failure to fully adhere over the three-year conversion period can set a farmer back to the beginning. While the termination of harmful chemicals and fertilizers is a pillar of the process, it also requires lengthy research and implementation procedures, and specific documentation from seedling to harvest. The steps detailed above must be completed before the application can even be filed.

This devotion to detail is essential to achieve a truly organic product - and organic farms are vital to the health of our planet. Three years is a long time to wait, so we at Coyuchi choose to support in-conversion farms along the road to certification. Everything bearing our name is made to restore and respect the Earth and the people who call it home, and working with in-conversion farms is just one of the many ways we can invest in a more sustainable future for organic farms, foods, and textiles.

Our featured La Loma Linen Quilt is an exquisite example of in-conversion farming in action. Its hand-stitched linen is sourced from an in-conversion farm that uses the organic processes mentioned above. Filled with 100% organic cotton batting, La Loma is a timeless piece that warms the home, and promises a brighter future for the farm where it was born.

The amount of time and energy it takes to fully cleanse the soil of all these toxins demonstrates just how much harm conventional, non-organic farming practices can do to the land. For 28 years Coyuchi has been leading the charge for organic home textiles, so doing everything we can to facilitate the organic farming revolution is in our DNA. Whether it’s in-conversion farms or a cozier, organic home, we’re here to help make it a natural transition.

Check out our blog "Linen Fields", our CEO, Eileen Mockus travels to Portugal and France to share the intricate step-by-step process of organic flax production in a multi-crop system. This sheds light on how in-conversion farming is so important in changing the practices of conventional farming so that we can look to a brighter future in organic farming!