Home For The Holidays: A Checklist For Getting Your Home Guest Ready

Loreto Bed

This season we highlight what Home For The Holidays means to us. It's gathering with your loved ones and spending quality time. Preparing your home for this busy time can seem daunting for many reasons. We're here to take the stressors away so you can relax and experience a genuinely zen holiday season for you and all of your guests.

A checklist is always key to making sure you don't forget anything crucial. Start with the big projects first and the little ones last. Whether you're transforming your living room into a makeshift guest room, reworking your kitchen nook into a dining area, or shifting things around in your bathroom we've got you covered.

Home For The Holidays

Guest Room Ready
Getting your guest room prepared is probably number one on your checklist unless you're a pro at holiday hosting. No worries, most of us aren't but don't fret you soon will be. Below we've listed the main areas you want to focus on.

Crisp new sheets are a good start for getting your guest room ready. There are many different types of sheets out there. Which ones will be the most suitable for your guest room needs? Check out our Sheeting Guide. Keep in mind what you will benefit from the most long term as well as the temperature in your home. Our sheeting guide will help you select the best option for what you are looking for.

Flannel Bed

Percale has a wonderful crisp feel and is perfect for those who run hot when they sleep. Crinkled Percale is a more affordable option and takes on the relaxed look of linen without the heavier weave. Buttery soft and smooth, Sateen is a great choice for cold sleepers. Soft and stretchy like your favorite T-shirt, Jersey is our most easy-care sheeting, they resist pilling, shrinking, and twisting. For a warm and cozy night's sleep, our Cloud Brushed Organic Flannel is your best choice. Lastly, our favorited organic Linen Chambray is the ultimate luxury bedding piece. Light, textured, and relaxed, it's naturally insulated for every season.

Bed Basics

Extra Finishing Touches
Make your bed with a few of these important bed essentials. From a new duvet insert, a lightweight comforter or your favorite pillow. Here are a few of our favorites. Our Three Season Down Insert is a great year-round insert for your Duvet Covers. Our Winter Weight Down Insert is a heavier option for those who get cold at night. A much lighter weight option instead of a Duvet Insert would be our Organic Cotton Comforter or our Double Stitch Cotton Comforter. Lastly, from Down to Latex we have a pillow for every kind of sleeper. Find yours in our latest Pillow Guide. A couple of our favorites is our Feather/Down Pillow and our Organic Latex Serenity Pillow.

Storage Space
Your guests will need a place to store their luggage and hang their coats. Clear out a dresser and free up closet space (and hangers) so that your guests can unpack. Make them feel more comfortable from the start without last-minute scurrying.
Tip: Do you have free space under your bed? You can always find pull out storage bins or bags to organize your linens, towels, or other items under your bed!

Towel Guide

Guest Bathroom Ready
Whether your bathroom is shared or solely for your guests, these areas will help get your guest bathroom ready.

Create space for your towels. Your guests will need them. Think of the best places they can be stored. Linen closets, towel racks, shelves, etc. Your guests will always be happy with fresh towels. Looking for a towel refresh? We offer towels for everyone. From Air Weight, Temescal, Cloud Loom, Catalina, Mediterranean, and Ojai Waffle.

Toiletry Tip
It's a nice touch to have travel-sized essentials. Style a tray with the basics. Bonus Points: Go zero waste and fill small reusable bottles with what you already have.


Here To Stay
Make your guests feel right at home. Bring out your conversation pieces and any accents you have to brighten up your space. Books, games, old records, art pieces, and zines are a great place to start. Set the tone with filling the air with your favorite heartwarming scents. A calming scented candle can warm up your living space in less than 10 minutes. Stock up on herbal teas for cozy conversations. Lastly, you can always freshen any space with a homemade linen spray. Fill an eight-ounce reusable spray bottle with one tablespoon alcohol, 30 drops of your favorite essential oil, and the rest with distilled water. Spritz your space and all is tranquil. Your guests will be ready to stay forever.