Feel Good Friday

While creating our feel good gift guide, we started wondering about all the tiny, daily decisions you can make that leave you feeling good and leave a positive impact on the world around you. At Coyuchi, we believe purchasing with intention is a practice that you can feel positive about, but we realize there are many ways to embrace this philosophy - from sleeping in organic sheets, to a mid-day meditation, even a healthy, local meal is a decision that makes your conscience feel good. We wanted to see how some of the most inspiring ladies in the wellness scene apply this belief. Read below to learn what makes them feel good and be sure to watch our Instagram stories every Friday for a feel good takeover. 

“9+ hours of sleep. Vivid dreams. Tonic herbs and wild teas. Freshly laundered Coyuchi linen sheets...Farmer's markets. Cooking a beautiful meal at home and sharing it with loved ones. Photo meditations. Sharing rounds of tea from the same cup, with your lover. Nature. Solitude. Hot springs. Good light. Solid design. Architecture. The poems of Gary Snyder” -Nitsa Citrine of Women With Superpowers + Sunpotion. IG takeover November 10th. 

"What makes me feel is good is when I am in the quiet and loving embrace of the natural world. When I am walking amongst the trees, feeling the earth beneath my feet, listening to the sounds of the forest.” -Shiva Rose of The Local Rose. IG takeover November 17th.

"A warm detox bath soak after a long day + shutting off my phone make me feel connected to my body and soul. In the mornings, a slow morning guided by my needs and wants, a superfood latte & walk with my dog instantly makes me grateful." -Sophie Jaffe of The Philosophie. IG takeover November 24th

"I feel good when I honor my body through mindful movement and nourishing foods that love me back.” -Caitlin Shoemaker of From My Bowl. IG takeover December 1st. 

"MUSIC is becoming more and more important to me when it comes to feeling good. If I'm on the go in the city, I’m listening to Kendrick Lamar or Young Thug which makes me feel like I can take on anything. At home, which is very cozy these days, I light candles, cook dinner, and have Chet Baker or Cole Porter playing in the background, which makes me feel like I’m in Paris. And when I’m practicing Kundalini Yoga or meditating, I’m usually playing mantras by White Sun or Ajeet Kaur to direct my mind where I want it to go." -Desiree Pais of Benshen. IG takeover December 8th. 

"My best self shines through when I find stillness in my day-to-day. That stillness can be a quiet moment cozied up with a cup of coffee before the flood of emails starts, or even some intentional breathing deep in traffic. With the world as chaotic as it seems to be these days, finding precious moments of self-care can rejuvenate the soul and allow one to focus on what really matters: kindness, compassion, and connectivity." -Meg Haywood, Environmentalist + Photographer. IG takeover December 15th. 

"What makes me feel good: In the cooler months I love to literally sun myself like a cat, haha! On cold mornings I press my face to a sunny window, eyes closed, and just soak in the Vitamin D. It really works! Walks in the woods, collecting shells at the beach and bicycle rides do wonders to relieve my stress. Just sitting at the shore, sun on my face and listening to the waves crash is my favorite kind of meditation. Adaptogen lattes have been my jam lately. I like to mix a bit of ashwagandha root, astragalus root or forest ginseng added to my chai, coffee or herbal lattes as a long term remedy for stress as these herbs help the body adapt and regulate stress." -Kaity Farrell of Fare Isle. IG takeover December 22nd.