Meet Farmhouse Pottery

Farmhouse Pottery based out of Woodstock, Vermont, was founded in 2008 by husband + wife Zoe and James Zillian. Their shared love for quality made goods and focus on a sustainable lifestyle gave way to their American dream; running their own studio.

We have been fans of Farmhouse Pottery for many years and recently partnered with them to carry their amazing line of wooden tableware. We love the unique details in each piece, as it is all hand carved and finished in their studio. Here at Coyuchi we believe beauty comes from being transparent and authentic, both of which couldn't describe Farmhouse Pottery better. Inspired? We talked to Zoe & James to more about their journey.

You guys really are living the dream in terms of turning your passion into a career. What has been the most exciting part of your journey over the past ten years?

Watching the evolution has definitely been the most exciting. So many things have changed from going to work in our basement to going to work everyday in a beautiful studio. We support 8 American artists within our workshop and we have the opportunity to share our craft with the community every day. This has definitely been the most rewarding part of our success so far.

What is your advice for people who aspire to pay the bills by doing what they love?

Follow your gut. It will usually surprise you.

How do you monitor sustainable and ethical practices while growing the brand?

Our mission has always been to support farmers, makers and craftsmen- these principles guide everything we make and everything we source. We don’t make or source anything we aren’t totally familiar with- from our clay body to the wood that goes into our bowls and candles.

How have your two daughters contributed to your passion for thoughtfully made goods?

Absolutely- they contribute to our passion each and every day. Having children really made us think about what we wanted to bring into this world and how our ideals would affect our girls as they grew up. They are a huge part of day to day life here at Farmhouse Pottery- from making pinch pots to mopping the studio to feeding our baby chicks.

Tell us a little bit about some of your workshops, how do they engage your community?

Our wheel workshops are really designed to share our craft in a more hands on way. We love the opportunity to get someone who has been living with our pieces behind the wheel to experience crafting their very own piece of artisan pottery. It’s a really unique experience as not many people have had the chance to throw pottery on a wheel.

How do you decide to create a new product? Where does the idea come from and how does it relate to your environment?

We are constantly in the product development process. Most of our best ideas come from our day to day lives, from a hand crafted fly swatter to a beautiful wood bowl to use with our family and friends every day. We are lucky enough to live in a beautiful community with stunning agrarian landscapes that help to influence our design and aesthetic.

What are some of your latest inspirations?

It is Spring in Vermont so we are always inspired by the local landscape and the flower blossoms starting to pop up. We also have to start thinking holiday this time of year to get our pieces ready for the Fall launch so we are channeling our inner snow bunnies.

Any exciting projects on the horizon?

Always! We are currently finishing up a big renovation project at our Flagship Store in Woodstock. So we are very excited to reopen our doors and share our new space. We’re really focused on building the experience here in Woodstock and bringing more people out to see where and how our pieces are made.

What do you guys like to do as a family?

We love to visit local farms during the summer, there are plenty of beautiful old world locations in Vermont. We also love to ski during the winter.

Favorite breakfast to eat in your Coyuchi bed? 

Zoe’s Creme Fraiche Pancakes :)