Earth Month

We wanted to celebrate Earth Day all month long. That's why each week we are going to dive into one aspect of our mission to share with you our steps toward a greener tomorrow. Continue to check back for more about our sustainability standards and achievements throughout our Four-Part Series.

We believe in going beyond organic, which for us means being GOTS-Certified. GOTS is a textile certification that limits the use of toxic bleaches, dyes and other chemical inputs during the production process. It is internationally recognized as the toughest organic textile standard because it goes far beyond verifying the organic farming process to include every step of manufacturing for fiber as pure as the food you eat. When you build your bed with organic, you are bettering the health of you + your family, as well as farmers, factory workers and the soil. Learn more about our GOTS-Certification here.

Five reasons why GOTS-Certified organic bedding, bath and basics are better for the planet:
• Purchasing organic cotton supports more than just cotton; it affects the entire ecosystem of organic farming.
• Organic farming creates 60% less output of carbon dioxide and other greenhouse gases than conventional cotton.
• Organic cotton farming uses zero toxic pesticides, ensuring a safe working environment for workers.
• Organic textiles are free of toxic chemicals deemed too harmful to use by GOTS, like formaldehyde, phthalates and endocrine disruptors.
• Unlike conventional bedding, organic textiles can be easily renewed or recycled, so we can close the loop.
Shop our organic new arrivals here and remember, by simply changing your sheets, you're helping to change the health of the Earth. What better month to make the change for you + the planet?

We take expert care to ensure everything that bears the Coyuchi label is made to the strictest environmental standards in safe and humane conditions, from our factories' green initiatives to low-impact dyes. By supporting our thoughtfully processed products, you are helping to do a myriad of things, including saving water. Pure, minimally processed organic cotton requires 91% less water to be grown than conventional cotton. Off the farm, we partner with a factory that recycles 90% of its wastewater (the other 10% lost to natural evaporation). Not only are our minimally processed products safe for the planet, but they are safe to cozy up in since they are free of toxic dyes and chemicals. Some chemicals used by conventional brands are bad for human health and can cause illnesses and ailments such as cancer, asthma or skin rashes. Others are bad for the environment and can kill fish, cause algae blooms or persist in the environment for long periods of time. Coyuchi uses GOTS-approved chemicals that take the toxicity of human and environmental health into account. We've recently gone one step further by being the first company in North America to use a non-toxic and plant-based softener. These are a few of the ways we ensure pure, thoughtfully processed bedding and bath items for you to love. Browse undyed for a collection safe for the most sensitive of skin.


Our distinctly human commitment helps us mindfully create designs that are simultaneously understated and extraordinary. We seek out vendor partners who have expertise in the production of home textiles. We also highly value our vendors who use sustainable manufacturing practices and who actively engage in their communities. Many of our partners are small to medium sized family-run companies, with which we have established long-term relationships, leading to increased transparency and collaboration across our supply chain. They hand-knot each tassel on our Mediterranean towels, hand-stitch the design on our Pebbled Quilt, and hand-weave the fabric for our Tassel Pillow. They take great care in creating our beautiful products, and we feel it's important that we take great care in providing them safe working conditions, living wages, and opportunities to better their communities.
Since 2014 we have been working with Fair Trade Certified™ suppliers through our partnership with Fair Trade USA. Fair Trade USA works with farms and factories around the world to improve wages, benefits and working conditions. We pay a bit more for Fair Trade Certified™ items, and that premium goes into an account that farmers and workers control to use as they choose. This premium is intended to close the gap between their wage and what is calculated to be the living wage in their area. By choosing Fair Trade Certified™products from Coyuchi, you'll help to reduce poverty, increase opportunity and improve the quality of life for the farmers, workers, and for their families as well. You can learn more about our commitment to Fair Trade here.
Highlighted below are two of our favorite towels, each crafted with our commitment to the hands that touch each product.
Air Weight Organic Towels
"When people buy these products, it benefits us. We hope consumers will continue and invest in us." - Subroto Mondal who sews our Air Weight Towel at one of our Fair Trade Certified TM factories.
Mediterranean Organic Towels
Our Mediterranean Towel partners hand-knot each end on this Turkish-inspired towel.
Here at Coyuchi, we believe in crafting beautiful, quality linens that will last. We also realize that some mishaps are unavoidable after years of love. We are committed to a better world and we believe it is our responsibility to take into account where our products end up. Our Natural Home Advisors and Product team compiled a list of the most common textile issues which we share on the blog to help you extend the life of your linens.
While there are some issues that can be fixed, we also know there's nothing like the feeling of slipping into smooth, new sheets at night or stepping out of the shower into a fresh, soft towel. New linens are one of life's deep, simple pleasures. But to ditch your bedding and bath towels when they still have some life in them can feel irresponsible and wasteful. We created 2nd Home to solve that.
If it wasn't already clear, we love exploring creative possibilities in sustainability and pride ourselves on being a leader in sustainable textiles. Renewing our product is an exciting solve, but we wanted to do even more to close the loop on our supply chain. For a long time, we struggled to find a donation center for our small fabric scraps. That's where Zero Waste Daniel came in. We connected with this Brooklyn fashion designer to repurpose our scraps into garments that are both stylish and sustainable. Read about Daniel's journey here and explore one of the myriad of ways we are committing to a zero-waste business model.