Earth Day: Tips for a lighter tread

Here's ten easy and earth friendly ways you can lighten your tread, starting today. Share your steps in  the comments below, or post on social using #earthdayeveryday.



1. Choose cotton over paper: By replacing paper towels with reusable cotton towels, you will cut down on waste and save money. We love our Diamond Stripe Kitchen Towel for everyday use, and our Agrarian Stripe Napkin for the everyday table setting. You can even wrap fresh fruit and vegtables in a kitchen towel, then store in the fridge until ready to use.




2. Compost: While cooking, toss food scraps into a hideaway compost container that you can later take out to your compost bin. Available at Buy Green here.



Image Source: Jim McCausland 


3. Collect rain: Leave a weatherproof garbage can or bucket outside where rain will reach it. Water your plants during the dry days with the reclaimed rainfall.


4. Unplug appliances not used: Ever wonder what that cord goes to? Unplug everything you aren't using to help cut down on your household's electricity use.


5. Cut-out the paper: Is your mailbox filling up with unwanted paper? For those pre-approved credit cards, visit OptOutPrescreen, for catalogs check out PaperKarma.



6. Install a programmable thermostat that self-adjusts: Households using smart thermostats such as Nest can lower their heating and cooling bills by 20%.



7. Wash your clothes with cold water: By turning the dial on your washer to cold you will save energy and extend the life of towels, bedding and clothes (hot water can weaken fibers, fade colors, destroy elastic and contribute to shrinkage).




8. Hang dry your laundry: Bring the outside in and save energy while doing so. Sunlight is also a great natural way to kill dust mites that cause allergens. 


9. Make your own household cleaner: All you need is Baking Soda and vinegar, stir into a reusable glass jar and off you go. 




10. Use a reusable linen food cover instead of plastic: We love these natural linen dish covers available by Molly de Vries of Ambatalia. Fitted with elastic around the edges, they stay snugly in place to protect bowls of prepped vegetables, casseroles, and the like. Available at quitokeeto