Our Down Standard

Why We Care About Down 

Our sourcing choices are made from the philosophy that only natural fibers make for the best product for your home. From the beginning, our down duvet inserts and pillows have always met the high standards of our colleagues in the industry....and then some. We source all of our down in the USA, from a single supplier. And that supplier gets down and feathers from duck farms, a mere hundred miles away, where the birds are humanely raised for the food industry, never force-fed or live-plucked, and live on a grain diet.

The farm is audited against well-being guidelines, strict standards that enforce what the birds eat, what kind of flooring they're on, how they get their water, and what happens if the birds get sick. These well-being guidelines are reviewed every two years by animal welfare and bird behavior academics. Before filling our certified-organic cotton inserts, the down is steam-treated twice and gently washed with a fragrance-free, non-toxic soap to remove bacteria that is incidental to feathers and down.

Next, a water-based, non-toxic chemical is used to reduce the static charge that is associated with natural filling. The simplicity of our supply chain ensures that every link is fully transparent, and sourcing our down in the USA ensures the environmental footprint of our duvet inserts and pillows is as small as it can be. And that means you can feel as good about our down products as you do about everything else you buy from Coyuchi.

We also offer alternatives to animal products -- such as our feather-free Cotton Comforter, Kapok-filled pillows, and as an alternative to wool, the Organic Cotton Mattress Pad. Coyuchi has always embraced the use of natural fibers, so we do not offer polyester or other synthetic fibers. 

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