The Joy Of Down


It wouldn’t be Coyuchi if we didn’t go that extra mile. And in this case, we went fewer carbon footprint miles to bring you the joy of down. All of our down duvets and pillow inserts are made in the U.S.A.- Michigan to be exact. The pure and comforting down and feathers that fill each of our 100% organic cotton shells travel a whopping one hundred twenty miles up the road from Indiana where they are gathered from the duck farms.




Before filling the inserts, the down is treated with steam twice to kill bacteria and gently washed with to remove bacteria that is incidental to feathers and down. Next, a water-based, non-toxic chemical is used to reduce the static charge that is associated with natural filling. Coyuchi’s duvets are unique with box stitching to keep the fill evenly distributed. Both the winter weight and lightweight duvets are a 600-fill power for a cozy and comforting sleep.


down storage


Our lightweight duvet offers excellent temperature control. We recommend using it spring through fall, and paired with a blanket for winter. Our winter weight is ideal for homes that undergo longer hibernation and cold climates, or for those that like to sleep toasty.


down pillow


Each of our plump down pillows is encased in a down-proof organic cotton shell to keep down from escaping. Like our duvets, the quality and sourcing of the materials is minimal to the earth and vastly beneficial to you, the sound sleeper.