Dorothy Macik

With each floor plan, an opportunity, with each room, attention and thought. Dorothy Macik's approach to interior design is quite simple: practical, unique, and elegant. From here she is wide-eyed with inspiration and hands on from drawing board to construction. See how she mixes Coyuchi's collections with fresh style for one summer dwelling retreat.

Welcome to Agoura Ranch, located in the Agoura Hills of Los Angeles, California.

Above and below master bedroom: A natural pine back wall is the backdrop for a custom upholstered bed and chaise. Coyuchi Honeycomb Blanket in Mustard, Rippled Stripe Duvet Cover and Shams. Below: Custom print art of birds on a wire by Dorothy Macik.

Name: Dorothy Macik

Resides in: Los Angeles, CA

Occupation: Interior designer

Best known for: Timeless merge of old and new

Above and below guest bedroom: Twig art, vintage lamps and Coyuchi Pleated Sateen Duvet Cover in Dark Indigo with Honeycomb Blanket in White. Coyuchi Blue Light decorative pillow.


Q: Antique or modern?

DM: Organic Modern.


Q: City or country?

DM: There is a place for both, I love the liveliness of a city, and I have to have the peace and tranquility of the country.


Q: Which colors do you use most?

DM: I like to use a palette of neutrals, and always bring in color gradually and in various tones.

Above: Dining Room has Vintage Barn Lighting over a 13-foot natural pine table custom made by Under Construction, Rafael Moyal. Below: Master Bathroom Retreat has Coyuchi Air Weight Bath Towels in Taupe.

Q: Favorite materials or textures?

DM: Organic cottons, linens, and muslin are my favorite fabrics to use in a home. Anything that you sleep on must be the most amazing fabric you’ve ever felt. Any blanket you cozy up to needs to be something you never want to leave.


Q: What is your favorite interior design related word?

DM: Simple Elegance. The most important aspect in designing a space for me is how it will be used. I strive to create rooms that are inviting, beautiful, and completely usable.


Below: The living room overlooks the ranch pool and gardens. Coyuchi Honeycomb Blanket in Mustard, Willow Weave Sham in Mustard.

Q: Does a room need a view? 

DM: Every room needs to be special, well thought out and planned.  If there is not a view, one can always be created. Most important is how the room functions to make gathering spaces for the people using it.


Q: Favorite designer or architect?

DM: Kelly Hoppen is someone whom I admire for designing beautiful homes.  Philippe Starck’s innovation inspires me.

Q: Which design blog, website, TV show, or magazine would you be lost without?

DM: I can't live without It’s the first blog I ever started following and it never disappoints.


Below: Equestrian Art custom designed and printed on Windfall Reclaimed Wood by Dorothy Macik.

Above: Adventurers kids' bedroom with tepee features an old inspired locker bed with Coyuchi Embroidered Pebble Duvet Cover & Shams and Sateen sheets in Brick. Below: Family media room with sliding barn doors for the television where the family enjoys time together.

Q: What qualities do you most admire in a room?

DM: Clever artistic spaces that are imaginative and unique.


Q: Design rule you like to break?

DM: Matching sets. I like to have eclectic design with each piece carefully chosen. I believe you must choose well, and choose less.


Q: What is your favorite room in the house?

DM: The Master Bedroom and Bathroom are my favorite to design. This is the retreat where you unwind and are most relaxed. Here attention to detail and comfort is crucial.


Q: What is your most treasured possession?

DM: My tape measure and my pencil. It must look good and fit!


Below: Guest Bedroom has a linen slipcovered upholstered bed and White Swiss Dot Duvet and Shams and Tangerine Blanket. Oak tree on Kirei board by designer.

Q: What are you afraid to DIY?

DM: Nothing, I make everything, furniture, art, lighting, tables, I am obsessed with learning how all things are made.  Most of my projects involve custom pieces that I am hands on in creating every step of the way.


Q: Have you ever had a change of heart about an object or a style?

DM: My style is constantly evolving, I never discard any old furniture or fixtures, I will always find a way to reinvent it and use it differently or in an alternate space.

Q: What is your favorite design errand or journey?

DM: Designing a home is a process, one that you are truly never finished with.  My goal is to make timeless livable design that can grow with you as you evolve.


Q: What's your favorite hotel?

DM: The London in West Hollywood. There is beauty in its simplicity. The SLS in Beverly Hills, there is liveliness in its abundance.

Above: Guest Bedroom with found mirrors above headboard, custom turquoise chairs, Coyuchi Striped Wool Blanket in Graphite with Aqua, Coyuchi Seersucker Duvet and Shams in Charcoal. Below: The ranch is full of kid friendly fun including horse riding, egg harvesting, a vegetable garden, fruit picking and a tree house, built for the kids and friends. Built by Under Construction, Rafael Moyal.

Q: What does "sustainable design" mean to you?

DM: Reducing our personal impact by adopting better habits of waste reduction and striving to have earth-friendly buying practices whenever possible. By educating ourselves and adopting better practices we in turn inspire our friends to also implement environmentally friendly practices as well.


Q: What is your favorite product in the Coyuchi line?

DM: Mediterranean Euro Shams and Duvet. The most fine, luxurious, softest, bedding I have come across. I recommend it for all my clients.