The Duo Behind DISC Interiors

Disc Interiors

David John and Krista Schrock of DISC Interiors

Where do you begin in a room?

The floor plan and function of the room really drives the initial process, but after that is settled upon, there is usually something, such as a rug, textile, paint color, or wallpaper that will lead the design for the room.

Disc Interiors

The Sunset Idea House master bedroom. Shop the collections featured on the bed here.

What’s the best way to quickly transform a room?

Wallpapering a room can dramatically change the room, and often times we love to use a grass cloth or textured wallpaper as it is a wonderful base to build upon, layering art, rugs, and textiles.

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Antique or modern?

Without a doubt, a blend of the two.

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What is your favorite part of a home?

We are always partial to the kitchen as we both like to cook.

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Favorite colors/patterns to combine?

Black & white are always a favorite and a timeless combination.

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When selecting bedding, what do you look for?

High thread count sheets and soft duvet covers.

Any hidden gem shops in LA that you source from that you can share?

Garde on Beverly Boulevard who carries the most beautiful accessories for the home, as well as Hammer and Spear in the Arts District that always has amazing vintage finds they have sourced from all over the U.S.

Tips for finding comfortable, livable furniture?

After developing a furniture plan that works for the room, we talk with our clients about seat heights and depths, as comfort is really personal.  Rooms are personal expressions of the people who live there, and all furniture should be comfortable to them. Since we live in Los Angeles, we are lucky that we can go with our clients to shops to sit in the furniture first-hand before purchasing.  We tend to make a lot of upholstery pieces so we can control the comfort and adjust measurements to each individual clients needs.

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Favorite way to incorporate nature indoors?

We love to bring natural textures indoors, and soothing textiles.  We love jute and sea grass rugs, as they have such a natural feel, and then layering a vintage rug on top. Just as nature is rich with layers, subtle colors, and texture, we feel strongly interiors should feel the same way.  Our interiors usually reflect the exterior since living in Southern California ultimately allows for both.

Disc Interiors

When designing the Sunset Idea House, where did you begin?

We started with the idea of how to take a "beach house" and modernize it.  We wanted to reference the sea, coastline, without feeling kitschy. The overriding theme in this house is texture, We achieved this through drapery, rugs, cement tiles, and of course, the Coyuchi linens only amplified this!

The Sunset Idea House master bath. Shop the collections featured here.

You talk about mixing soft and hard materials in the S.I.H. Are there any design rules in mixing surfaces?

There are no defined rules, but we love to contrast hard materials with soft, shiny with matte. Rooms need subtle shifts in materials and color. We stress to our clients to look at the finishes, see them in person. We love brass for the warmth of the tones in the metal, and love to mix it with soapstone, or a blackened oak.  But for the most part, there are no rules! It is all about expression, and exploring, and finding new combinations that work. Often times, the most unexpected discoveries are the most exciting ones.

Disc Interiors

Do you have a favorite room in the Sunset Idea House? 

The kitchen in the Sunset Idea House is a room we are incredible proud of, that really encapsulates many of the ideas that we have been thinking of for the past few years. We love austere architecture, modern lines that are mixed with rustic wonderful textures, and that contrast that happens when modern is mixes with rustic.  The kitchen cabinetry is modern in the sense that it has not hardware, is clean lined, flat panel doors, seamless design, but the material are oak, that feel timeless. The backsplash tile is from a ceramicist in Northern California, Forrest Lesch-Middelton who created these incredible tiles, that have so much variation. To some they might see variation in tiles as a fault, to us we see it as imperfect beauty. For the countertops we used soapstone which has a richness to the tone, but also has this incredible veining, gives it character and life. We also worked with Lawson Fenning for the brass barstools that complement the blackened oak and the soapstone.  The far right cabinet is our version of the "family hutch" with glass doors, that everyday beautiful dishware can be seen. We love the idea of bringing old traditions into modern homes, and incorporating those stories into our work.

The Sunset Idea House. Shop the collections featured on the bed here.

How do you transition a/your home’s decor seasonally?

We aim to design homes that have character, but are also classic in their design, so they can shift with the seasons, or the years. 

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How do you use Coyuchi in your designs?

We appreciate that Coyuchi respects nature and its surroundings.  We are influenced by what we see and feel everyday and this commit to organic fabrics, simple yet refined design and rich colors are essential to our designs and makes it easy for us to incorporate them.   

What type of furniture do you generally pair with Coyuchi’s aesthetic?

We like furniture that has clean lines yet is very comfortable. We like to add in a bit of texture whether its from leather, a heavy weave linen or the occasional velvet, Coyuchi blends easily and effortlessly with any of these!

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What is…

The one piece in your home you won’t part with?

The kitchen island, it is the heart of the home!

A color you tend to use time and time again?

Black is slowly becoming present in all of our designs. A clients mother once told us that every room needs a touch of black!

The dining room in the Sunset Idea House

A material you tend to use time and time again?

White Oak

Your favorite Coyuchi item?

The Rippled Stripe Duvet cover and shams in Ivory & Black.


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