Inspired by Nature: A Chat with Laura Jo Wegman - Coyuchi's Head Designer

Design Process with Laura Jo Wegman


For 20 years, Coyuchi has been bringing the beauty and purity of nature into people's homes and lives. Along the way, we’ve forged partnerships with like-minded people—from the farmers who produce our cotton, linen and wool to the stores that sell our products. Most recently, we partnered with West Elm to create an organic bedding collection for their stores and catalog. We sat down with Coyuchi's Design Director Laura Jo Wegman to talk about the creative process that goes into designing a new line.

How would you describe the Coyuchi aesthetic?

The Coyuchi aesthetic can be distilled to three adjectives: Delicate, sophisticated and rustic. The way those qualities are expressed may change from item to item – some things are more chunky and textural, with delicate details, while other things may be very refined feeling but have a hand-crafted element in the trim, for instance – but those three elements are constants that run through everything we do. 

What inspires you most?

I'm inspired by so many things, from vintage textiles to folk art to music, and I'm especially drawn to geometric shapes that have an irregularity about them and feel like they've been drawn by hand. But nature is always at the heart of every Coyuchi design. The simplest stone or leaf is graced with subtle and sophisticated detail, perfectly interacting with its surrounding elements. That's what we strive for at Coyuchi, too. Every Coyuchi product, color and detail is designed to fit harmoniously and evolve repeatedly within an aesthetic ecosystem, allowing you to combine colors and mix textures, season after season.

Would you say that Coyuchi's aesthetic is rooted in the landscape of Northern California?

Absolutely! The designs and our products are inspired by the coastal Northern California landscape which is at once rustic, delicate, and washed by the sun and enveloped by fog. The textures can be bold, intimate, and variegated as if by nature. The colors have been exposed to nature’s elements. The scale changes as if one were taking a walk through nature, so it's sometimes vast and open and sometimes close, delicate, and with great attention to detail.

What about the Northern California lifestyle? Does that influence your designs?

Definitely. The coastal towns of California are relaxed and friendly; they are places you want to spend an extra hour over coffee chatting with friends or doing a crossword puzzle.  I like to bring that laid-back sensibility into the home by using casual textiles made from natural fibers that you want to curl up in at the end of the day. 

What was the inspiration behind the organic bedding designed for West Elm?

The West Elm collection was inspired by many of the same core tenets behind the inspiration for our main Coyuchi line. The dobby-woven duvet covers feel rustic in their motifs and natural-inspired color palette, yet they are sophisticated in their layout and weave. The sheeting cuffs have a delicate pattern woven in yet remain contemporary through their use of motif and quiet color combinations. The decorative pillows play with scale, mixing rustic weaves with bold knit textures, and stick to our classic Coyuchi colors.

What is special about the West Elm partnership?

Coyuchi has been making organic cotton bedding for more than 20 years, and for most of that time our customers have been a passionate group of eco-conscious, quality-conscious individuals. Choosing organic textiles, just like choosing organic food, reflects a consumer’s desire to be thoughtful about the environment—both in general and immediately around them. And that earth-friendly, health-conscious mind-set has caught on recently, with more and more people wanting to surround themselves with organic products. Having the opportunity to bring the Coyuchi philosophy to a whole new group of design-conscious consumers – through a far-reaching, trend-setting brand like West Elm – is really exciting.

Coyuchi Organic Dobby Duvet Cover + Shams - Midnight

Organic Dobby Duvet Cover + Shams - Midnight

Coyuchi Organic Dobby Duvet Cover + Shams - Tangerine

Organic Dobby Duvet Cover + Shams - Tangerine

Coyuchi Dhurrie Pillow Cover

Organic Dobby Duvet Cover (Tangerine), Geo Cuff Sheets (Mustard), Dhurrie Pillow Cover, Popcorn Pillow Cover

Coyuchi + West Elm

Starburst Pillow Cover, Wave Pillow Cover, Geo Cuff Sheets (Mustard), Geo Cuff Sheets (Misty Aqua), Dhurrie Pillow Cover, Popcorn Pillow Cover

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