How To Create An Artful Space with Textiles

We love to gather inspiration from artful designers to get a sense of how they create their space indoors and out. Reminding ourselves that bedding doesn't only hold use inside our homes, Kate takes us on a weekend journey with some of her Coyuchi favorites. Instantly drawn to Kate's artful eye for the beautiful allure and stillness that nature holds, we knew Kate would paint a beautiful story that speaks exactly to this. Kate Fearnall is a graphic designer specializing in branding, art direction, photography, and print design. Today we share her adventure in Vancouver, Canada where she travels through the forest all the way to a lovely ocean park.

Her journey began at a friend's house who lives on the top floor of a beautiful heritage home in Vancouver. Kate has always loved the details in her friends home, especially the flood of natural light from the windows. She captured these cozy images with our Rippled Stripe Duvet in the soft morning light.

After enjoying breakfast and warm tea the two make their way through the treelined Vancouver roads to an ocean park nearby. Savoring the natural morning light, they pull over to capture the moment. "The way the light danced through the trees really spoke to me." -Kate

At the day's end, they headed back to the forest to relax and unwind. "We opened the back of the car and set up a makeshift bed filled with cozy blankets and pillows."

Creating an artful space with textiles can be an effortless joy when following your heart and centering your mind on what is truly important with your design needs. What colors and textures make you most happy? What type of environment brings you the most peace? How can you incorporate the two to bring harmony and peace in your space? Where do you find gratitude within your treasured items you fill your home with? There is true simplicity that unfolds when you focus on these key questions that will bring forth the right balance for your needs. For Kate, choosing sustainable artful textiles that bring nature indoors fills her up with the utmost gratitude.