The Coyuchi Scarf: How It's Worn

Staying comfortable in our northern California home requires layers, and nothing does it for us like the welcoming wrap of our scarf. We've learned how to twist it, drape it and wear it to ensure that we stay warmer no matter how fast the fog comes in or how low the heat stays set—and we take our wardrobes up a notch as well. Our two designs offer two distinctive places to begin. The yarn-dyed stripe is subtle and versatile, while the hand-embroidered pattern adds soft texture. Long, ultra-light and filmy, each scarf is handwoven in India using organic Indian cotton and traditional techniques. On warmer days, our scarves are perfect worn loosely across the shoulders. But when it's cooler, their softness is just right to wrap close, keeping drafts at bay. Either of our scarves is long enough to coil loosely, wrap multiple times or secure with a knot or two—personal style at its creative best.