Cotton Maché: Matelassé our way


cotton mache B

The Name 

We were inspired by paper maché, the process of tearing paper into free form pieces and piecing them together on a canvas. As it dries, the paper crinkles creating small pockets of texture. 


The Inspiration

Matelassé is a jacquard weaving method that creates fabric with the textural, dimensional look of quilting, though there's no batting or stitching involved. We've always loved the technique, but we've never been fond of the regimented geometric patterns and fussy florals that are the customary designs for matelassé.


cotton mache A

Ripples & Waves Collection

So we decided to do matelassé the Coyuchi way. The result is our Cotton Maché collection, in organic cotton with a free-form pattern inspired by water flowing over river rocks. Crafted in Portugal, where the finest matelassés are made, it's a whole new look for this traditional technique. We love the way it works with the rest of our collection, offering great texture and mid-scale pattern to layer beautifully with solids or prints. 

cotton mache D

Cotton Maché Duvet Cover in White, Slate and Mid Ocean

cotton mache c

Cotton Maché Duvet Cover and Sham in Mid Ocean