Q + A with Clare Gillies

Photo by: Danny Lane

We teamed up with artist and model, Clare Gillies for a Q+A on how she lives sustainably and why organic matters to her. Clare is a photographer and model currently living in LA with artist and photographer Danny Lane. They partner in all things together creatively and personally. Both Clare and Danny believe in making eco-friendly organic choices in all aspects of their lives, especially when it comes to bedding.

Coyuchi: Where do you find inspiration for each personal shoot, what drives you to do it?

Clare: It depends...we live and work together, so our personal shoots are often sparked by a new camera we want to test or a random concept we have. We both really enjoy the process and often when we have free time we’ll throw something together.

Photo by: Danny Lane

Coyuchi: Why choose organic?

Clare: I care deeply for the environment, so organic is a no-brainer. I was raised by a mom who was all about organic. The importance of leading an eco-friendly life is ingrained in me.

Photo by: Danny Lane

Coyuchi: What lead you to find Coyuchi + why is it your favorite and first choice?

Clare: Actually, I discovered Coyuchi through my older sister! She just had her first baby this past year and stumbled upon your brand looking for organic/non-toxic baby supplies.

Photo by: Danny Lane

Coyuchi: How long have you and Danny been collaborating together?

Clare: Danny and I met through photography! He asked me to shoot and after that, we became close friends and eventually started dating—it’s been almost four years.

Photo by: Danny Lane

Coyuchi: What makes you two such a great team?

Clare: It’s hard to narrow it down to just one thing. We’ve shot together more times than I can count, so it’s very natural and easy at this point. We’re comfortable with each other and we trust each other’s vision, which is key.

Photo by: Danny Lane

Coyuchi: What is your morning and night routine? How do you start your day and how do you end it?

Clare: Our days usually start with coffee and a huge breakfast and end with an episode of Seinfeld!

Photo by: Danny Lane

Coyuchi: How do you contribute to sustainability and living healthy?

Clare: In terms of food, I make all of our meals plant-based with the occasional sustainable seafood. I’m very careful about where things are sourced / what is going into our bodies. That extends to laundry detergent, toiletries, kitchen/culinary items, etc. I’ve been focusing harder on ridding plastic from my every day which has proven a challenge, but I’ll get there. I also mostly shop and wear vintage:)

Photo by: Danny Lane

Coyuchi: What are some tips on keeping an artful and organic space?

Clare: I’d say make the investment in organic and eco products that will last a lifetime and keep your space minimal. In the long run, you save time, money and of course the planet.

Photo by: Danny Lane

Coyuchi: Why the combinations of textures? Crystal Cove Duvet, Larkspur Linen Throw and Trinity Organic Matelasse Blanket together?

Clare: Since I don’t stray too much in the color department, it’s fun to mix up the textures.

Photo by: Danny Lane

Coyuchi: What lead you to choose the colors?

Clare: I like my surroundings to feel light and bright!

Coyuchi: How were you sleeping before our bedding vs. now?

Clare: To be honest, my first night with the linen sheets and crystal cove duvet I slept like an absolute baby. The fabrics are so beautiful and well made— they feel like heaven.

Photo by: Danny Lane

Coyuchi: What is one thing you would you want to leave your followers with? Quote, something to live by, or a fun/artsy tip for styling your home?

Clare: Never stop exploring, researching, learning, and evolving! Is my blanket advice haha