Coyuchi: A Circular Story

Fashion (and by proxy, home textiles) is the 5th most polluting industry in the world. One which holds such a myriad of issues that it takes time and education to uncover the solutions available before one can truly purchase responsibly.

As a conscious consumer, understanding the manufacturing process behind the products you purchase transforms shopping habits from reactive buying to conscious consumption. Each purchase is a vote casted for how products should be made- from waste water management, carbon impact, soil health and farming, and the quality of life of workers- every product has 
an impact.

Here’s how we focus on circular manufacturing that is respectful of both people + planet.

Since 1991, Coyuchi has been a pioneer of organic cotton, helping to expel environmental toxins from the soil, air and land while ensuring our products are free of this list of toxic chemicals. We make concentrated efforts to work with farms and factories located in the USA to help increase the demand for American organic cotton, while also reducing the carbon footprint of our raw materials by keeping production local.

All of our products are produced with the intention of achieving a GOTS certification standard of purity. We create each item without the use of toxic chemicals, and partner with factories that minimize their carbon footprint through vertical integration (where several steps take place under one roof), water recycling, green energy use and other methods.

Our Fair Trade™ certification ensures the farms and factories we work with comply with high environmental and ethical standards designed to protect the workers, the surrounding communities and the natural habitat.

We love the "buy it once, buy it right" philosophy and create our products with that mantra in mind. Our aim is to create quality products which transcend trends to reduce the volume of our manufacturing while preventing landfill growth.

We create our products carefully so we can be certain that you aren’t bringing items into your homemade with toxic chemicals, like formaldehyde, phthalates and endocrine disruptors, deemed too harmful to use by GOTS.
We created our Coyuchi for Life program for when it's time for new bedding or linens. It allows you to send back your well-loved linens to be refreshed, upcycled, or recycled into new products, ensuring you avoid the landfill entirely.

The coast of Northern California is our home and our inspiration. To help protect it, we partnered with 1% for the Planet and will be donating proceeds from some of our most popular products. We also work with Fair Trade Certified factories to ensure the wellbeing of our partners.