California Inspired

Driving north along Highway 1, you cross the iconic Bixby Bridge, which offers breathtaking vistas of the Big Sur coastline and Monterey in the distance. Once known for its abundant fisheries, this lively city and its eponymous bay are still home to a diverse population of marine animals that are drawn by its rugged shores and plentiful fish.

Our designers drew inspiration from the waves that crash against Monterey’s rocky cliffs and the breeze that blows through its grassy bluffs. The dobby-woven pattern of concentric diamonds on our Monterey Collection perfectly captures this blend of drama and tranquility. Incredibly soft organic cotton is yarn dyed for long-lasting quality and backed by solid percale, making it ideal for those who like to forgo a top sheet.

 Staying true to its aquatic origins, the Monterey Collection is produced in India in a factory that recycles its wastewater. We’ve partnered with it for several years and are always inspired by its commitment to quality and sustainability. Monterey also meets GOTS, the strictest textile manufacturing standard in the world, which reaches beyond organic farming to include every step in the supply chain.

As you move south along the California coast, the days become warmer, the sandy beaches a touch brighter, the fog more faint. Inspired by the tucked-away town of Pacific Grove, our newest dobby-woven duvet and sham collection captures the subtle textures of coastal living and the colors cast nightly on the Pacific horizon. It’s available in two colors: Sunset, a warm palette that pairs beautifully with earthy tones, and Sky, a versatile cool tone that looks great with a range of grays, whites and blues. Pacific Grove makes us nostalgic for endless summer nights. 

Produced in an Indian factory that has a progressive wastewater recycling program, along with new energy-saving equipment, Pacific Grove is made with yarn-dyed organic cotton to ensure the color will stay true wash after wash. Because it carries the GOTS certification, you can be sure it is produced using the strictest social and environmental standards, which include treating employees and the earth with deep respect.

Look west of Los Angeles with binoculars (you’ll need a good pair, or a boat) and you’ll spot a little island called Catalina. Known for its stunning views, this secluded oasis was the inspiration for our Catalina Towels. The soft palate of our newest collection evokes memories of early mornings spent watching boats lazily bob on the calm sea. Catalina is made from a blend of organic Turkish cotton and organic French linen that are loomed into a herringbone weave and backed with a mini-loop terry for a tailored towel that absorbs and dries quickly.

Catalina is a unique blend of organic Turkish cotton and organic French linen woven together in Turkey. GOTS-certified, these towels are made to the strictest environmental standards in the world.

Half valley, half coastal, Montara is a stones throw south of San Francisco, and is brimming with understated beaches. The beauty of the town is its slow simplicity, which is what inspired our Montara Organic Linen Collection. In two contemporary silhouettes that work from day to night- lounge, play, even work, these long-lasting and timeless wardrobe additions will be an instant staple in your closet. Montara is about savoring the slow, the classic, and the intentional. 
Made with organic flax grown in France, our linen supports a community of farmers who include flax as a part of an overall rotation of organic crops including wheat, fava bean, alfalfa and winter oat. In an effort to save water there is no irrigation in the fields and instead a traditional process called "dew-retting" or "field retting" is used, in which the stalks are spread on the ground and the dew, rain and sun help to break them down, so no chemicals are required. Our organic linen also carries the GOTS certification, for a look that is contemporary and a mission that is progressive. 
You can learn more about our organic linen here.
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