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Blanket + Throw Guide

Choosing the Perfect Blanket

The change is subtle...something different about the light, a fresh coolness to the morning air, a sunset that comes just a few minutes earlier than you expect. And all at once, you realize Autumn is just around the corner. We're looking ahead to cool nights with a bevy of new blankets, coverlets and throws. If you are looking for the perfect blanket, our guide will help you find the one that's just right.


Cirrus Stripe Throw

Textural bands cross colored stripes, making this throw as inviting to the eyes as it is to the fingers. Woven of thick organic cotton yarns, brushed for softness, it’s the perfect weight to grace the foot of the bed or the arm of the sofa year round.

Seaside Ranch Blanket

We created this blanket in partnership with Imperial Ranch, a 140-year-old sustainable ranch in Oregon where American merino sheep wander the high rangeland year round, grazing on native plants and sweet grasses. Once a year, the sheep are sheared, and their fleece is washed and combed into fibers. To achieve the soft, subtly heathered hues, the wool fibers are first dyed (at a dye house founded in 1869), and then spun into soft, thick, lightly twisted yarn. Once spun, the yarns are loomed into ombre stripes under the direction of a weaver whose family has crafted textiles for four centuries. The higher-gauge yarns allow for a looser weave, lending this blanket amazing loft and drape. And when it’s washed and brushed, those loosely twisted yarns fluff up, to create a thick, warm layer. Edged by hand with traditional blanket stitching.

Lighter-Weight Blankets -- For Warm Nights or Layering

Cozy Cotton Blanket

Our most popular year-round blanket, made with 100% organic cotton, this blanket’s simplicity makes it both versatile and classic. The Cozy Cotton Blanket can be used as an elegantly layer on your bed, a beautiful accent to a chair or couch, or as a wrap to keep you warm on a cold evening. Naturally luxurious, it pairs the plushness of chenille and the comfort and breathability of cotton. We washed it to create a subtly puckered texture that traps air for lightweight warmth. Blanket and throw sizes.


The Cascade Coverlet 

Inspired by traditional, quilted kantha cloth, this organic cotton matelassé is both light and lofty. Crafted in Portugal on a Jacquard loom, the allover stitched texture makes Cascade unique to the eyes and to the touch. The organic extra long staple cotton and stonewashing give the fabric its soft and plush, pleasingly rumpled hand. Cascade’s traditional look and comfort make it versatile for effortless layering.

Alpaca Fringe Throw 

Our alpaca is sourced from small ranches in the mountains of Peru, using the very finest fibers (called "baby alpaca") for the yarns that make up these meltingly soft, drapey throws. A timeless throw, the Alpaca Fringe Throw, can be wrapped over your shoulder, tossed on a chair, or draped on the foot of your bed. Inspired by an array of natural colors, the throw has an edge of fringe detail. It is lightweight but breathable and a natural insulator, keeping you cool in the summer and warm in the winter.


Mid-Weight Blankets -- For Year-Round Versatility

Carmel Washable Cotton & Wool Blanket 

A blend of organic cotton and washable merino wool makes this blanket soft, cozy and truly versatile. The wool fibers are tucked inside the cotton, to provide all of wool’s natural insulating properties with the comfort of cotton at the surface. The Carmel Blanket is the perfect layer to any bed or can serve as timeless throw. The Carmel Blanket’s warmth, simplicity, and easy care make it a classic essential for any bed and everyday use. Blanket and throw sizes.

The Rustic Linen Blanket 

Absorbent and breathable, linen's a natural temperature regulator, perfect for year-round use. We backed our drapey rustic linen with soft organic cotton to create a cozy, breathable blanket that’s welcome on any bed in every season. Blanket and throw sizes.

The Honeycomb Blanket 

Jacquard woven of pure organic cotton, this heirloom-quality blanket is pre-shrunk to make it thick, dense and weighty. A Coyuchi staple, this blanket will stand the test of time and give you years of enjoyment. Its honeycomb construction traps the body's heat while allowing moisture to evaporate, keeping you comfy and blissfully warm.

Heavy-Weight Blankets -- For Serious Warmth

The Striped Wool Blanket

Sheep pastured in the cool mists of Canada produce the dense, cozy wool that makes this heirloom quality blanket the warmest and weightiest in our collection. Classic stripes and whipstitching give it rustic, mountain lodge appeal. Serving as a foundational piece to your bed or an accent throw, this blanket will be your best friend for many years to come. Blanket and throw sizes.

Which is your favorite blanket to snuggle with and why? Please share in the comments below.