The Big Sur Throw: New This Season. Perfect for Any Season.

Big Sur Throw - Farmhouse Collection

The Big Sur Throw

When we passed this blanket around the table at our Fall product review, it took a really, really long time. Each person felt it, scrunched it up, weighed it in their hands, wrapped it around their shoulders…and eventually, reluctantly, let it go to the next set of waiting hands. And as it made its way slooooowly around, we all tried to nail down just why this simple, cotton throw was so appealing.

Big Sur Throws

It's light (said one person). But not too light (countered another). It's soft…but it feels natural, not slick or slippery. It's cozy…but not too heavy for spring and summer. It's buoyant…but comfortingly drapey, too.

Big Sur Throw - stack

Woven from organically grown, minimally processed cotton, it has the soft, matte texture we love so much in that fiber. Its airy waffle weave has great insulating ability  -- all those little pockets trap warmth against the body, while cotton's natural breathability keeps you comfy. The highs and lows of the weave also give this blanket remarkable body without heavy weight. Basically, it's the perfect year-round throw.

On that we all agree.

Big Sur

Big Sur coastline.