Yarn Dye

The basics of yarn dye

Yarn dye is a process that begins before the fabric is created. Each yarn is dyed in batches to a specific color. For example, in our Yarn Dye Stripe Sheets, these colors are Lemongrass with Fog and Palest Ocean with Fog. After the yarns are dyed, they are woven together to create the fabric. This is a different process than traditional piece dyeing, which dyes the whole fabric after weaving and screen printing, which prints patterns directly on the fabric. 

How a pattern is created

Patterns come in many shapes, sizes, and colors and can be achieved in different ways, but yarn dye pattern and texture is created by the weave. A plain weave can create multiple types of patterns, like our Rustic Linen; a twill weave can create diagonal lines or texture, like our Yarn Dye Stripe Sheets; a dobby weave is a smaller pattern repeated all over the fabric, such as our Mediterranean Towels and Mediterranean Duvet and Shams; and a Jacquard loom can create pattern on both sides of the fabric that can look totally different, like our Cozy Cotton Blanket and Throw. Another way to work with dyed yarns is to put one color in the warp and another in the weft, which results in an oxford, chambray or "chambray effect" cross weave.


 Rustic Linen     Rustic Linen is an example of a plain weave.
 Yarn Dye Stripe Sheets     Yarn Dye Stripe Sheets are an example of a twill weave.
 Mediterranean Towels     Mediterranean Towels are an example of a dobby weave.
 Cozy Cotton     Cozy Cotton Blanket + Throw is an example of a Jacquard weave. 

Benefits of yarn dye 

A big difference you may notice in our yarn dyed products is that the pattern is woven right into the fabric so it will appear the same on front and back, and remain the same wash after wash. This is different from a screen printed sheeting, because the print sits on the surface of the front, so what you see on the back is just bleed through from the front and not the complete print. Another bonus to yarn dyes is that the colors will continue to look great wash after wash, which adds to the product’s durability.

Yarn dyes have been a core part of Coyuchi’s line over the ages and will continue over time. Please share with us in the comments below which yarn dye program you like best.