Brand Highlight: Woodlot

Photos courtesy of Sonia Chhinji 

Growing up in Lebanon, Fouad Farraj played beneath olive trees in the backyard, visited the press with his father, and learned to make soap the traditional way, from the season's last batches of olive oil. His partner Sonia Chhinji, rolled cotton candle wicks beside her mother in Surrey, England, a skill passed down from her grandmother in India. Together, they founded Woodlot, crafting soap and candles in small batches in their studio in Vancouver, Canada. Woodlot's soaps begin with a nourishing blend of olive, avocado and coconut oils, plus soothing, hydrating shea and cocoa butters. Enriched with natural ingredients and scented with essential oils, they're air-cured for six weeks, so they're as long-lasting as they are luxe. Shop our Limited Edition Boxes featuring Woodlot here.