Sleep Series, Tip 1: A Cozy Sleep Sanctuary for Fall

Living hectic lives, we find that our sleep, at times, is compromised. We have put together a “How to Sleep Better” blog series to help you find your restful peace of mind with our friend Debra DiPietro.

Autumn descends upon us and the days are getting shorter and cooler. A pot of nourishing soup may be simmering on the stovetop and you feel your excitement brewing as you pull your sweaters and boots out of storage. Now is a great time to warm up one of the most important rooms of your home. A few simple touches can turn any bedroom into a perfectly cozy sleep sanctuary for fall.

These are my favorite tips for a bedroom rejuvenation:


Look outside your window right now and what colors do you see? Dark green, shades of orange, bronze, rust, and yellow – all wonderful accent colors to warm up your bedroom.  You can paint your accent or focus wall (wall behind your headboard) a couple of shades deeper than your other walls. Area rugs on your neutral carpet, wood, or tiled floor will change the look and feel of the room. For your bed, try a minimalist palette with a comforter in a neutral soft gray, and then spice things up with decorative pillows, like a soft, nubby alpaca pillow and plush throws and blankets like a cozy organic cotton blanket or a washable wool and cotton blanket.  

Carmel Washable Cotton and Wool Blanket 

Scents: Essential Oils

Calming and warming scents that are wondrous for sleep include: lavender, vanilla, cinnamon, sandalwood, ylang-ylang, and chamomile. Rather than using toxic synthetic candles or room sprays, try essential oils. Take a hot bath and add a few drops of oil; use an aromatherapy diffuser before bed (just don’t leave it burning after you go to sleep); or add a small amount of oil to a water spritzer, shake it up, and spray on your pillow for a delicious nights rest.  After a rejuvenating bath, wrap yourself in an organic cotton robe.

Air Quality

A well-chosen plant or two for your bedroom can improve the quality of air you breathe at night and help you sleep. A few ones I love are:  jasmine bloom, lavender, and a snake plant. Open your windows regularly and let that cool fresh air in.

Have fun experimenting. This is your sleep sanctuary. What will help you feel calm and ready to leave the cares of your day behind? Your senses and the natural world are great guides.  

Sweet dreams!

Twilight Collection 

About Debra:

Debra is a professional writer and creator of the award-winning blog, The Warm Milk Journal - inspiring people to live their dreams by day and sleep restfully at night.

When not working, you may find Debra expanding her mindfulness practice at her local Bikram yoga studio or taking a walk along the beach dreaming up her next adventure.  Debra makes her home in sunny Atlantic Beach, Florida with her husband John, daughter Aimee, and two cats Patches and Mew.