Substantial Silence

It's fitting that Axel Vervoordt began his career as teenager, purchasing antiques and collecting objects from around the world. Perhaps it was here that he learned exquisite design is often one-of-a-kind. Uncomplicated mediums such as linen, wood, and plaster, paired and joined by pure harmony, Vervoordt uses Japanese Zen fundamentals to transform rooms -once too crowded or empty- into rich palettes of texture and tranquility.

Though Vervoodt and his team work from a 19th-century former distillery complex near Antwerp, Belgium, you can find his work in exhibitions all around the world and influencing the design industry. One of his publications, "Wabi Inspirations," advocates "simplicity and humility, the rejection of all that is superfluous or artificial." Another, titled "Light," incorporates natural elements- light, water, metal, wood- combined with modern minimalism and a fine art punctuation.

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