Pure Pattern

A melding of nature and art, tradition and technology, our printed sheets combine pure, organic cotton with earth-friendly pigments to dress the bed in color and pattern as only Coyuchi can. Our printed sheets are crafted by a family-owned company in Portugal that has been weaving and printing fine textiles for three generations.

We chose to work with our vendor for their skill and artistry, but also for their commitment to the highest standards of quality and environmental protection. There's a rich history of textile production in Europe, but few companies have embraced modern, eco-friendly technology the way that our partner has. Since their founding in the 1940s, they have continually updated and refined their processes, making them more and more efficient, safe and healthy – both for their workers and for the planet.

Our partner's looms and printing machines turn out miles of beautiful fabric each day, all of it OEKO-TEX-certified. And for our sheeting, they have gone the extra mile to attain Global Organic Textile Standard (GOTS) certification, too. The result is printed sheeting that captures every nuance and shading of our designer's original watercolor art, while also being pure, soft and gentle – on your skin and on the planet. 


Below are the Watercolor Wisp Printed SheetsWatercolor Wisp

Below are the Sand Dollar Printed SheetsSand Dollar Sheets

Below are the Dotted Lantern Printed SheetsDotted Lantern Sheets