10 Tips to Prepare Your Home for Winter

Though it may still feel summery where you are, we've passed the Fall Equinox, and that means the days are getting shorter and cooler, bit by bit. Animals prepare for the cold months with thicker fur and cozier nests. And although we humans tend to just reach for the thermostat when the temperature drops, we can save a ton of energy (and money) by taking a few cues from nature.

Create a Cozy Den 

1. Survey your surroundings to determine where the cold gets in and where the heat leaks out, and do what you can to minimize both. Hanging heavier drapes on windows can help on both counts, as can adding weather stripping and re-caulking any loose panes of glass. You can also seal up the cracks beneath doors and windows with "draft-dodgers"—long, snaky pillows that are easy to DIY.

2. Conversely, if your windows get direct sun, open up the shades and curtains during the day to warm the room with passive solar energy.

3. Change air filters and clean ducts and intake registers to make sure your heating system is working efficiently.

4. If you have a fireplace, be sure to keep the damper closed when the fire's not lit.

5. Take a tip from the squirrels and chipmunks and line your winter digs with cozy materials. Add rugs over wood or tile floors (our thick, cotton Accent Rugs are a barefoot-friendly layer beside the bath or bed), and warm up the living room with wooly pillows and throws like those from our Alpaca Collection.

Sonoma Baby Alpaca Throw

Hibernate Right 

6. Flannel pajamas are a must-have for winter, along with a snuggly robe to wrap up in on frosty mornings and wool slippers to prevent your feet from getting cold. 

7. For custom climate control at night, nothing beats a well-layered bed. Start with a mattress topper to lay a foundation of breathable, insulating comfort (our Mattress Topper is made from pure felted wool with an organic cotton shell).

8. Swap out cool-to-the-touch percale sheets for warmer-feeling sateen, soft thick flannel or drapey linen, a natural temperature regulator.

9. Add a warm and weighty blanket like our Striped Wool; layer with our thicker cotton blankets, like Honeycomb or Stellar Weave; or take the hybrid approach with our super functional Carmel Washable Cotton & Wool to provide all of wool’s natural insulating properties with the comfort of cotton at the surface.  

10. Fill your duvet cover with an extra-plump winter-weight down insert to create the ultimate cozy cocoon. 


Aerie CollectionOur Aerie Collection perfectly layered with Stellar Weave Blanket and Cloud Brushed Flannel Sheets for a winter white nest.


Relaxed Linen Our Relaxed Linen is even more absorbent and breathable than cotton, and more insulating as well, making it a beautiful year-round fabric.


Striped Wool BlanketOur Striped Wool Blanket is perfect for layering and snuggling.  


Striped Wool BlanketOur Striped Wool Blanket makes a warm and insulating layer for all beds. Throw on an Alpaca Pebble Knit Pillow for added texture and warmth. 



What is your favorite way to warm up your home in the winter without turning up the thermostat? Please share in the comments below.