Caring for Little Coyuchi

As parents ourselves, we know time is a valuable commodity – and that you'd much rather spend it with your kids than doing laundry. That's why, in addition to being pure and natural, everything we design for Little Coyuchi is durable and easy to care for, too.

According to the American Academy of Pediatrics, it's a good idea to wash clothing and bedding before using it the first time. Even organic, natural textiles like ours have passed through looms and sewing machines and spent time in warehouses and delivery trucks before they arrive at your door.

We recommend laundering all our washable items in cold water, using a gentle, natural detergent that is formulated to work well in cooler temperatures (we love Vaska, as they use plant-based surfactants and essential oils). Beyond the environmental benefits of lower energy usage, cold-water washing also extends the life of towels, bedding and clothes, so your Little Coyuchi items can be handed down again and again.

For the sake of baby's sensitive skin, choose unscented laundry products; and if you really feel like you need to whiten your whites, opt for a non-chlorine bleach. Skip the fabric softeners and drier sheets. Not only are they filled with unnecessary chemicals, but also they make fabric less absorbent and breathable – in short: less comfortable and durable over time.  As an alternative, to help speed up drying time and reduce static, throw in some natural, wool dryer balls. You can also add essential oils to the balls to help scent the laundry. 

Spills are a fact of life with little ones, but stains don't have to be. Rinse stained items with cold water as soon as you can (or you may need to soak depending on the stain), and pre-treat with a few drops of detergent or a laundry spray like Vaska Spot-Off before washing as normal. For protein-based stains (from spit-ups or diaper leaks, for instance), you can also try adding a half-cup of hydrogen peroxide and a half-cup of baking soda to the water. 

Tumble dry your Little Coyuchi items on low or, better yet, air dry whenever possible. Clothing, towels and bedding last longer when hung to dry, and few childhood memories are as wonderful as the smell of laundry fresh off the line.

Feel free to share your natural cleaning tips in the comments below! 

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