9 Guest Room Essentials

Our top 9 essentials for everything that you need to create an inviting guestroom.

1. Closet Space: Clear out your dresser or closet and provide some empty space for your guests to settle in.

Guestroom Essentials

2. Extra Blankets: We all sleep at different temperatures and having warm layers handy lets your guests adjust the bed at will.

Cozy Cotton Blanket in Deep Ocean with Ivory, Sonoma Baby Alpaca Throw in StoneSand Dollar Printed Sheets in Alpine White with Grays, Karamiori Pillow in Pewter. Photography by Aubrie Pick for Rue Magazine.

3. Literature: Favorite books and new magazines allow your guest to retreat to their room and settle down with a good read. 

4. Something Fresh: A vase of picked flowers by the bed is a small gesture that goes a long way.

Guestroom Essentials: Fresh Flowers

 5. Extra Pillows: Having an extra set of sleeping pillows in the guest room is a must. 

Feather Down Pillows

Feather/Down Pillows

6. Stack of Towels: By leaving a clean stack of towels for your guests, it invites them to bathe at will and settle in without needing to ask you where they can find the linen closet. We love to leave a stack of plush Cloud Loom Towels in Natural or Alpine White. 

Cloud Loom Towels

Cloud Loom Towel Set in Natural and Alpine White

7. Cozy Robe: Make your guests' experience extra special with a super soft, organic robe awaiting them in the closet. 

Unisex Flannel Robe

Unisex Flannel Robe in Pale Gray Heather 

8. Water: Some guests make themselves right at home. Others need a little nudge. By leaving water in their room they can stay hydrated without needing to trek the long walk to the kitchen.

9. Spare Toothbrush and Toothpaste: We all forget them. Why not have a stash ready? We love these wooden toothbrushes that you can buy in a bundle and keep handy.

Guestroom Essentials


Please share in the comments below any tips or things that you do to make your guests feel welcome.