Brand Highlight: Andytown Coffee Roasters

At the outer reaches of the Sunset District, San Francisco feels like a small beach town wrapped in fog. Just a few blocks from the ocean, Andytown Roasters roasts, brews and serves coffee (along with homemade baked goods) in a high-ceilinged space, painted white to draw in every ray of available sunlight. What sets Andytown miles apart from other coffee companies is husband-and-wife team Michael McCrory and Lauren Crabbe's dedication to transparent sourcing. They seek out and meet small, independent farmers, build relationships and bring their best harvests back to San Francisco, where the coffee is roasted by the same people who brew and serve it. That commitment to careful sourcing and uncompromising quality shines in every cup. Brew up a cup at home with our Limited Edition Gift Box featuring Andytown coffee available here.