Find the perfect organic and natural bedding fabric for you.

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  1. Arrowhead Swatch
    Arrowhead Swatch
    Organic cotton and linen woven in a reversible chevron pattern.
  2. Cotton & Linen Birch Swatch
    Cotton & Linen Birch Swatch
    Our favorite fabrics woven in perfect harmony.
  3. Spirit Rock Swatch
    Spirit Rock Swatch
    Natural undyed organic cotton with detailed dobby stripes.
  4. Lost Coast Swatch
    Lost Coast Swatch
    Earthy diamond stripes woven from yarn-dyed organic cotton.
  5. Sand Dune Swatch
    Sand Dune Swatch
    Subtle texture in organic cotton
  6. Twilight Quilt Swatch
    Twilight Quilt Swatch

    Organic cotton, inside and out.

  7. Strata Swatch
    Strata Swatch
    Ombre organic cotton brushed for a lush, soft hand.
  8. Sunset Stripe Swatch
    Sunset Stripe Swatch
    Yarn-dyed organic cotton in a grown-up dobby weave.
  9. Morro Rock Swatch
    Morro Rock Swatch

    Embroidered diamonds on a sea of soft, crinkled cotton. 

  10. Geo Stripe Swatch
    Geo Stripe Swatch
    Vintage inspired dobby-weave cotton.
  11. Sutro Stripe Consumer Swatch
    Sutro Stripe Consumer Swatch

    Inspired by the beauty and versatility of Turkish peshtemals.

  12. Mediterranean Swatch
    Mediterranean Swatch
    Soft texture lends subtle detail to the bed.
  13. Rippled Stripe Swatch
    Rippled Stripe Swatch
    Dobby weave with detailed stripes.
  14. 220 Percale Swatch
    220 Percale Swatch
    Soft yet crisp-an everyday classic.
  15. 300 Percale Swatch
    300 Percale Swatch
    Cool, crisp and smooth as porcelain.
  16. Watercolor Printed Diamond Swatch
    Watercolor Printed Diamond Swatch
    Smooth, fresh percale, printed with painterly diamonds.
  17. Jersey Swatch
    Jersey Swatch
    Jersey knit for T-shirt softness.
  18. Relaxed Linen Swatch
    Relaxed Linen Swatch
    Linen at its most luscious.
  19. Sateen Swatch
    Sateen Swatch
    Lustrous, supple, silky.
  20. Cloud Brushed Flannel™ Swatch
    Cloud Brushed Flannel™ Swatch
    Cozy comfort for long winter nights.
  21. 500TC Supima Sateen Swatch
    500TC Supima Sateen Swatch
    Soft, silky bedding made from long-staple American Supima® cotton.
  22. Watercolor Printed Dot Swatch
    Watercolor Printed Dot Swatch
    Speckled with soft, hand-painted dots.
  23. Watercolor Wisp Swatch
    Watercolor Wisp Swatch

    Soft brushstrokes of color on white organic cotton percale.

  24. Hedgehog Swatch
    Hedgehog Swatch
    Cute critters on soft organic percale.
  25. Rustic Linen Blanket
    Rustic Linen Swatch

    Rich texture and a lush, cozy drape.

  26. Honeycomb Swatch
    Honeycomb Swatch
    Just the right amount of textured warmth.
  27. Cirrus Stripe Swatch
    Cirrus Stripe Swatch

    Bands of texture and color in softly brushed organic cotton.

  28. Larkspur Linen Swatch
    Larkspur Linen Swatch

    Woven of thick yarns and stone washed for softness.

  29. Cascade Swatch
    Cascade Swatch
    Light and lofty, with a relaxed, pleasingly rumpled texture.
  30. Cozy Cotton Swatch
    Cozy Cotton Swatch
    Our signature blanket.
  31. Washed Matelassé Swatch
    Washed Matelassé Swatch
    A go-to blanket in soft, crinkled cotton.
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