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  1. Topanga Organic Matelasse Blanket
    NEW Topanga Organic Matelasse Blanket
  2. Willow Matelasse Organic Blanket
    NEW Willow Matelasse Organic Blanket
  3. Arrowhead Organic Reversible Blanket
    Arrowhead Organic Reversible Blanket
  4. Miramar Organic Waffle Blanket
    Miramar Organic Waffle Blanket
  6. Miramar Organic Waffle Throw
    Miramar Organic Waffle Throw
  7. Honeycomb Organic Blanket
    Honeycomb Organic Blanket
  8. Double-Stitched Quilted Organic Cotton Comforter
    Double-Stitched Quilted Organic Cotton Comforter
  9. Double-Stitched Quilted Organic Cotton Comforter
    NEW Double-Stitched Quilted Organic Cotton Comforter
  10. Double-Stitched Quilted Organic Cotton Comforter
    NEW Double-Stitched Quilted Organic Cotton Comforter
  12. Organic Cotton Comforter
    NEW Organic Cotton Comforter
  13. Organic Cotton Comforter
    Organic Cotton Comforter
  14. Strata Organic Blanket
    Strata Organic Blanket
  15. Cirrus Supersoft Organic Cotton Throw
    Cirrus Supersoft Organic Cotton Throw
  16. Larkspur Linen Blanket
    Larkspur Linen Blanket
  17. Pebbled Handstitched Organic Quilt
    Pebbled Handstitched Organic Quilt
  18. Cascade Organic Matelasse Blanket
    Cascade Organic Matelasse Blanket
  19. Cozy Cotton Organic Blanket
    Cozy Cotton Organic Blanket
  20. Twilight Organic Quilt
    Twilight Organic Quilt
  21. Larkspur Linen Throw
    Larkspur Linen Throw
  22. Arrowhead Organic Reversible Throw
    Arrowhead Organic Reversible Throw
  23. Tahoe Wool Blanket
    Tahoe Wool Blanket
  24. Striped Wool Blanket
    Striped Wool Blanket
  25. Carmel Washable Organic Cotton & Wool Blanket
    Carmel Washable Organic Cotton & Wool Blanket

24 Items

Blankets + Quilts + Throws

How to Find the Perfect Blanket

Blankets do a lot more than keep you warm. They provide comfort, making you feel safe, relaxed, pampered.

The most versatile piece of bedding available, blankets can be layered above your sheets, folded at the end of the bed, thrown over the arm of the couch or wrapped around your shoulders. There are many types of blankets to choose from, including quilts, comforters, coverlets, and throws. Which one you need depends on what you want from a blanket.

To choose the perfect blanket, consider your expectations. Ask yourself these questions:

  • Do you need lightweight loft or heavyweight heft?
  • Do you want your blanket to match your favorite sheets or add a pop of color to white or neutral sheets?
  • Do you prefer a blanket with lush drape or is soft, simple warmth your main priority?
  • Do you want a blanket that fits your bed exactly or would a larger size fit your needs better?

If you like textured blankets, you have many options. From Jacquard loomed blankets with deep texture, thicker matelassé blankets to the soft nap of chenille blankets all offer warm style that feels as great as it looks.

Temperature is also an important consideration when choosing the right blanket . We’ve selected the best natural fibers to accommodate a variety of personal preferences and seasons. Alpaca, wool and linen are natural insulators, so they keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. A wool and cotton blanket delivers the same benefits, and provides an extra layer of comfort. If you have sensitive skin, an organic cotton blanket or organic cotton comforter will make you the happiest.

You’ll know you found the perfect blanket, if your bed looks warm, inviting and hard to resist every time you pass your room.