Sheet Guide

220 Percale


A soft, crisp fabric that’s great for warm sleepers as it feels cool against the skin. It’s known to wrinkle a bit more than the other fabrics, but those that love percale love that aspect of its personality. Percale is a closely woven, medium-weight, plain-weave cotton fabric. It is smooth and firm, with no gloss. Crisp fabric, great for warm nights and hot sleepers.

220 Percale might be your favorite sheet if…

  • You feel hot and sweaty at night or it’s a hot time of year
  • You love the feel of cool, crisp sheets
  • Grandmother’s linens evoke pleasant memories
  • You want something basic, that’s easy to care for

You’ll be a fan of 300 Percale if…

  • You covet the finer things in life
  • A crisp, cool-to-the touch sheet is what you prefer
  • You don’t mind a few wrinkles, or you like to iron your sheets
  • Memories of line-dried cotton bring you pleasant dreams

We currently offer the following collections in percale: 220 Percale, 300 Percale, Dotted Lantern Printed, Sand Dollar Printed and Diamond Cuff


Supima Sateen


A slightly shiny and very soft fabric that is often described as buttery because of it’s smooth feel. Sateen holds bold colors well while maintaining its softness and is known to resist wrinkling, so it’s easy to care for. Sateen is a weave in which many threads are aligned tightly together in the vertical direction, creating a flat, smooth, shiny and very soft surface on one side of the fabric and a slightly matte one on the other. We love sateen for its ability to hold brilliant and beautiful colors while resisting wrinkling. 

Sateen is for you if…

  • You want a sheet that you’ll love year-round
  • Soft, silky sheets are what you fancy
  • You want a luxurious feeling sheet
  • You like rich, dramatic hues in addition to whites & naturals
  • A Sunday afternoon of laundry makes you happy as a clam

We currently offer the following collections in sateen: Sateen, 500 Thread Count Supima® Sateen


Relaxed Linen


Even more absorbent and breathable than cotton, and more insulating as well, linen will keep you cooler and drier on warm nights and warmer on cold nights, too. We love its luscious drape and relaxed texture, that feels wonderfully soft from day one. And true to linen's legendary durability, this bedding only gets better with time and laundering, serving you well in every season for years to come.

Linen is for you if…

  • You want a timeless, luxurious feeling sheet thats durable
  • You’re into soft, drapey and relaxed texture
  • You want a sheet that you’ll love year-round
  • You don’t mind a few wrinkles

We currently offer the following collections in linen: Relaxed Linen


Supima Pointille


Known as the most opulent of all the sheet fabrics, the Jacquard weave creates beautiful patterns by varying the weave. These gorgeous designs also create a unique weight and feel to the fabric, which is difficult to describe but impossible to mistake. Jacquard is a fabric that is woven while controlling each of the warp (vertical) yarns, which can result in an endless variety of patterns. Jacquard is known as the weave of kings and queens because it is so labor intensive and results in exquisite patterns–at Coyuchi, we make it just for you!

Your new favorite sheet would be Jacquard if…

  • You covet the smallest details
  • Lying in bed with a good book is the best way to start a Saturday

We currently offer the following collections in jacquard: Supima® Pointille




Think of your favorite T–shirt–slightly stretchy, soft and easy to care for–that’s Jersey. It’s a knit fabric, which is why it is able to stretch and why it drapes so effortlessly. Jersey is easy to manufacture, so it’s one of our lowest priced fabrics.

You may be the Jersey type if…

  • A t-shirt is your favorite piece of clothing
  • You’d rather be outside hiking than caring for your linens
  • A fun, casual look is what you’re going for

We currently offer the following collections in jersey: Jersey 


Cloud Brushed Flannel


Our flannel is double brushed, so the fine hairs of the cotton are whisked up into a soft fuzzy layer surrounding the fabric. This makes flannel the warmest, softest and coziest fabric. It’s great for cold nights or when you want to sleep with just a sheet that has enough weight and warmth to keep you snuggled in. Flannel is a medium-weight, plain-weave fabric typically made from cotton. It is brushed on both sides to raise the fibers, creating a supple, fuzzy surface and an extremely soft feel. If you look closely, the fuzzy hairs of the cotton resemble mist rising off a pond in the early morning.

You would be best suited to flannel if...

  • You feel cold at night or want to turn down the thermostat
  • You want to feel extra cozy and warm
  • Being enveloped in soft, thick flannel brings you sweet dreams

We currently offer the following collections in flannel: Cloud Brushed Flannel


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