A Fall Harvest Holiday

Celebrating new traditions in unique times to keep the spirit alive and inspired 

Although this holiday season may look rather different, the overall importance remains the same. Not only connecting with those we love in safe ways and giving back to the planet through supporting organic farming and fibers, but also how the smallest gestures this holiday season can still feel special with a large impact. We’ve connected with some of our creative friends and partners to bring you fun ideas to apply to different areas this season.

Welcome New Traditions: Sustainable Wrapping

This is the year of new traditions, giving you a chance to get creative with the ways you stay connected—to nature and to the people you care about. The littlest things can make a big impact this holiday season, so why not take this opportunity to rethink the way you wrap your gifts? Try trading in your disposable wrapping paper for reusable cloth, with the beauty and simplicity of furoshiki.

A New Holiday Palette with Claire Thomas

We’re in a year of creating new traditions and with that comes new recipes from the typical holiday menu. Claire Thomas, Creative, Director, and Co-founder of Sweet Laurel Bakery, shares a simple recipe with bold flavor. For those who are gathering around the table with this holiday, try out this savory dish with flavorful beauty to the eye as well. 

Setting the Natural Table with Kristen Caissie

We sent our Sonoma Textured Organic Napkins to our friend Kristen Caissie-California Based Destination Wedding Florist, Founder and Creative Director of Moon Canyon, a floral design studio based in LA, and author of ‘Gathering: Setting the Natural Table’-to learn some tips on the art of napkin folding and creating a tablescape that mimics nature.