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  1. Organic Cotton Comforter
    Organic Cotton Comforter
  2. Winter weight down duvet insert. Made in USA.
    Winter Weight Down Duvet Insert
  3. Double-Stitched Quilted Organic Cotton Comforter
    NEW Double-Stitched Quilted Organic Cotton Comforter
  4. Three season down duvet. Made in U.S.A.
    Three Season Down Duvet Insert
  6. Wool Duvet Insert
    Wool Duvet Insert
  7. Down pillow insert. Made in U.S.A.
    Down Pillow
  8. feather down pillow
    Feather/Down Pillow
  9. Pillow Protector
    Organic Pillow Protector
  10. Organic Shredded Latex Pillow from Soaring Heart
    Organic Shredded Latex Pillow from Soaring Heart
  12. Organic Body Pillow
    Organic Body Pillow
  13. Down Throw Pillow Insert
    Down Throw Pillow Insert
  14. Wool Mattress Topper
    Wool Mattress Topper
  15. Organic Mattress Pad
    Organic Mattress Pad
  16. Mattress Protector
    Organic Mattress Protector
  17. Organic Cotton Box Spring Cover
    Organic Cotton Box Spring Cover
  18. Sateen Bed Skirt
    Organic Sateen Bed Skirt
  19. Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Pad for Twin Mattress
    NEW Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Pad for Twin Mattress
  20. Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Crib Pad
    NEW Naturepedic Organic Waterproof Crib Pad
  21. Organic Naturepedic Mattress Foundation for Coyuchi
    Organic Naturepedic Mattress Foundation for Coyuchi

24 Items

Basics + Bundles

What Bedding Basics do I need?

To get a good night’s sleep, you need to be comfortable. Having all the basics for your bed allows you to lay the foundation for a restful night of sleep. From top (pillows and duvets) to bottom (mattress pads and bed skirts), these essentials will help you create the perfect bed. At Coyuchi, we want to make sure that all your bedding needs, including the ones you don’t always see, are responsibly and ethically sourced.

Build your Organic Bed with a Solid Foundation

The base for your night’s sleep is perhaps the most fundamental of our basics collections. We’ve partnered with Naturepedic to create a mattress to our exacting specifications. You’ll find the same attention to detail with using only organic, non-toxic and sustainable materials in its construction. You can rest easy on our Naturepedic Organic Mattress.

Protect your investment with an organic cotton mattress pad. Mattress pads are designed to extend the life of your mattress by helping fend off spills and stains and creates an organic cotton layer between your mattress and the sheets you use week after week. A cushioned mattress pad adds extra comfort to your bed. A wool mattress topper naturally regulates temperature to keep you warm when it’s cold and cool when it’s hot. In addition, wool toppers are hypoallergenic and provide a layer of comfortable cushioning. A mattress protector resembles a fitted sheet and offers protection without cushioning. A bed skirt covers the sides of your box spring, concealing bed frames and under-bed storage. It also cuts down on dust under your bed and provides an elegant finishing touch.

Choose Quality Inserts for the Ultimate Comfort

Made in the USA, our down pillows are filled with pure down from an Indiana duck farm, where the quality is closely controlled and the birds are treated humanely. Covered in organic cotton, these pillows are ideal for stomach sleepers and side sleepers. Our feather/down pillows are divided into 3 sections: 2 layers of down encasing a feather and down center, all in an organic cotton shell. These pillows work best for back sleepers and side sleepers who like firm support. To keep your pillows in good shape, cover them with organic cotton pillow protectors. These safeguards not only protect against stains and spills, they’re much easier to wash than inserts.

Dress it Up

When it comes to bed covers, you have many choices. Even better, you can mix them up and switch them out as often as you want. Choose the best cover for you based on your individual preferences, changes in season or weather and priorities:

  • For warmth without weight, opt for our organic cotton quilt-weight comforter.
  • For year-round versatility, select our versatile, lightweight duvet insert. Layer on a blanket when the temperature dips.
  • For weighty warmth, try our heavier-weight duvet insert. Choose an insert that’s one size larger than your duvet cover for the ultimate fullness and loft.
  • For children and adults with sensitive skin, pair our wool duvet insert with a Supima® sateen cover.

Quick Start Your Organic Bed with Organic Bedding Sets

The easiest way to build the perfect bed is a bedding basics set. Our Bedding Essentials Set includes 2 pillows, 2 pillow protectors and 1 duvet insert, each encased in organic cotton. Our Essentials Plus Set contains everything in the Essentials Set, along with a GOTS-certified mattress pad.